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$5.00 off per ton with cash or check payment

Wood Pellets

Hardwood pellets

Barefoot                              $374/ton         $8.50/bag               

Barefoot & Beautiful*       $389/ton         $5.75/bag

Energex                               SOLD OUT       SOLD OUT             

Logik-e                                 $384/ton         $8.75/bag

Dry creek                             SOLD OUT      SOLD OUT

                      Softwood Pellets                     

Logik-e                                $394/ton           $9.00/bag

Blend Pellets

New England                     $374/ton           $8.50/bag

Logik-e                                $384/ton           $8.75/bag

Lignetics                             SOLD OUT         SOLD OUT  

*Barefoot & Beautiful comes in 23.8 pound bags - 84 bags/ ton

**La Crete comes 1.2 ton/skid - 60 bags 

Normally 40 pounds/bag and 50 bags/ton

Prices subject to change without notice



Blaschak Coal                $479/ton                $10.75/bag

Reading Coal                 SOLD OUT              SOLD OUT

Blacksmith Coal                  $17.50 /bag plus tax                                      

Compressed Firewood

Envi Large Blocks         $379/skid            $4.75/sleeve

(105 sleeves/skid and 3 large blocks/sleeve)

Envi Small Blocks          $369/skid            $4.75/sleeve

(100 sleeves/skid and 6 small blocks/sleeve)

Logik-e prest logs          $569/skid            $11.00/box

                        (70 boxes/skid and 10 logs/box)

Prices subject to change without notice

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